4 Best Fitness Wrist Wears To Help You Keep Tabs On Your Health Progress

Tracking your fitness levels and what’s happening to your body during your workouts is easier than ever with fitness tracker technology. From how sleep impacts your body’s readiness for your next HIIT class, to keeping tabs on your resting heart rate, Vogue’s pick of the best fitness trackers has everything covered.

1. Apple Watch Series 5

You can now keep an eye on your heart rate – or even take an ECG –  all with a watch. Apple’s latest watch is enhanced with potentially life-saving new features, and still offers the same health and fitness tracking capabilities as before, so will log your workouts and remind you to keep moving. Apple’s Health app has also had a revamp, and now includes a menstrual cycle tracker.

2. Swimovate PoolMate 2

If you’re a keen pool or open water swimmer, you might want to think about buying a wearable tracker to monitor your swim-specific data. The Poolmate 2 tracks strokes, distance, speed laps and more, and stores up to 50 training sessions so that you can look back, check your data and progress.

3. Garmin Vivosmart

If you want an activity tracker that’s small but still gives you a lot of fitness and wellness data, the Vivosmart is a compact wrist wearable that estimates your body’s blood oxygen saturation levels. You can also use it to monitor the same as you sleep – perfect if you need to keep tabs and report any changes to your doctor. It’ll connect to your smartphone’s GPS to track runs, you can swim with it on, and the battery lasts up to seven days.

4. WHOOP Strap 3.0

This understated waterproof strap houses a sensor that can track you continuously (it has a battery-life of up to five days), from recovery to sleep, with the aim of helping you to reach your optimum fitness level. The sensor connects back to an app, so you can keep track of your data on your phone, and it allows you to join the Whoop community (there’s a monthly membership fee), and measure your progress against other Whoop users if you want a little bit of competition.

Source: Vogue UK

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